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Personal Injury

Most people do not sit around and wonder what they will do if they get hurt during the day. Unfortunately, sometimes the negligence of other people causes us harm and we end up with many questions.

Will my insurance cover all of my accident-related expenses?

What if I am unable to work and support my family?

At the Dan Doyle Law Group, we want to help you through this process. Our qualified and experienced attorneys are ready to help you recover the compensation you need. When you need a Philadelphia personal injury attorney, turn to us today.

What Can Happen?

Some of the questions you may have after an accident that causes you harm are:

Will my insurance cover the medical expenses?

Will I get compensation for lost income if I cannot work?

How do I hold someone responsible for causing this?

We will help you with these questions and more. First, let’s take a look at a few of the common ways people are injured.

Vehicle accidents

There were more than 128,000 accidents during the latest reporting year in Pennsylvania. Many of these were caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and those who were speeding.

Premises Injuries

When you go onto someone else’s property, whether a business, government office, or a private residence, the property owner has a responsibility to ensure you are safe from hazards. Slip and fall accidents are common causes of premises injuries.

Medical Mistakes

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US. According to Forbes, medication errors and diagnostic errors are a large cause of these mistakes. We also know that healthcare-acquired infections and surgical error cause severe patient harm.

Pedestrian accidents

In Pennsylvania, there were over 4,000 pedestrian injuries and 150 pedestrian deaths as a result of vehicle accidents. We also know that electric scooters are now causing many pedestrian injuries.

Faulty products

Thousands of products are currently under recall in the US right now and they span industries. From toys and vehicles to cosmetics and foods, many of the products we trust are the ones that cause us harm.

Work accidents

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 2.8 million work injuries and illnesses were reported last year. These often occur due to the negligence of a company.

There are other ways that people get injured due to another person’s negligence and you should always seek qualified legal advice about your particular case.

What You Can Do Now

Now is the time to act if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. There is no reason for you or your family to suffer financially under the burden of medical bills. At the Dan Doyle Law Group, we understand that personal injuries can affect many things, including your ability to work and earn an income to support your family. We will work tirelessly to secure compensation for your accident-related expense.

If you need a Philadelphia personal injury attorney, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 215-987-3730 for a free consultation.