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Involving in a bicycle accident can result in serious injury, If you are one of them you should seek the legal representation of a Philadelphia bicycle accident attorney. Call the Dan Doyle Law Group today on 215-987-3730 to schedule a free consultation with our lawyers.
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Bicycle Accident

However, and wherever, they occur, bicycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, perhaps more so than other categories of auto accident. When you consider that a few tons of metal are colliding with a human body and a lightweight bicycle frame, it is easy to understand why cyclists can come off so badly. While cyclists know that they are taking some risk in cycling through heavy traffic, the inconsiderate, and sometimes downright dangerous, behavior of vehicle drivers can exacerbate this wildly. If you have been injured in a collision while cycling, you could benefit from the legal representation of a Philadelphia bicycle accident attorney.

How Is a Bicycle Accident Different to a Car Accident?

There can be numerous differences between bicycle accidents and collisions which only involve cars and other vehicles, both in terms of the nature of the crash, and the injuries sustained. As many vehicle drivers refuse to treat cyclists with the respect they deserve, those who regularly ride a bike when commuting or travelling for pleasure are all too aware of the dangers of:

Being struck by a car, truck, or other vehicle driving too close
Being hit by a vehicle turning a corner without checking mirrors properly
Vehicles overtaking without allowing sufficient room for a cyclist
Motorists deliberately cutting up cyclists, causing them to swerve and, perhaps, fall from their bicycle

When accidents do occur, the lack of protection offered by a bicycle means that cyclists also tend to suffer more severe injuries. Some of the injuries our attorneys regularly encounter when handling Philadelphia bicycle accident lawsuits include:

Paraplegia or quadriplegia
Loss of limbs
Permanent damage to limbs
Head injuries
Emotional distress
Permanent disability

The list could go on, but put it this way – a cyclist involved in an auto accident is unlikely to merely suffer with whiplash.

Why Should I Choose a Philadelphia Bicycle Accident Attorney?

The main reason why you should always choose to work with an experienced Philadelphia bicycle accident attorney is that their legal expertise can go a long way. When you are trying to secure damages and compensation after an accident, having a good knowledge of the Philadelphia legal system can make a significant difference to the outcome.

When you entrust your claim to a Dan Doyle Law Group bicycle accident attorney, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your attorney will do everything in their power to maximize the financial compensation you receive. We can do this as we have handled countless cases in the past and, therefore, understand exactly how the Philadelphia legal system works. Through putting this experience to work on your case, your bicycle accident attorney can help you to recover damages in respect of:

Pain and suffering due to your injuries
Medical expenses, including future medical treatment your injuries may require
Emotional distress, such as depression or anxiety triggered by your Philadelphia bicycle accident
Permanent damage or disability
Lost earnings, including those you have lost since the accident, and will continue to lose in future

You deserve better than a substandard payment – call us today on 215-987-3730 to find out exactly how a Philadelphia bicycle accident attorney could help with your case.

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