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Philadelphia Wrongful Death Attorney

Have you ever received a phone call and while it was ringing you just knew that something was wrong? Have you ever received an unexpected knock on the door and your heart just sank? Instinctively we are all connected to our loved ones. We learn to feel them even when they are from us and unfortunately we sometimes sense when something isn’t quite right. There is no news more devastating than hearing that you have lost a loved one. Especially when your loved one’s death was due to the negligence or willfulness of some other person or party.

In the legal realm, wrongful death is when someone dies due to the negligence or willfulness of a person or party. Wrongful Death is exactly how it sounds. It is a death that is wrong. Your loved one would still be here had it not been for the actions of the negligent person or party. Wrongful Death can be applied to any situation and can be filed in conjunction with a criminal suit. Wrongful death can be filed in absence of a criminal suit too. The main difference between the two is that in a criminal case you have to prove without reasonable doubt that the person caused the death of your loved. Wrongful Deaths, as civil suits, have a lower threshold and you have to prove that negligent behavior led to the death of your loved one.

Our attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group want to first share with you our condolences if you are dealing with a situation like this. There is no amount of comfort or kind words that can bring your true desire which is to reverse the day your loved one died and hold them just one more time. Unfortunately, we know that it is not possible, but our attorneys at the Dan Doyle Law Group promise to work aggressively on your case to ensure that we get justice for your loved one.

What To Expect

When filing a wrongful death suit you are opening an investigation to see what happened at the time of death and how a person or people are responsible for the death. Get prepared for some emotional times as you have to witness the exact connection between negligence and the death of your loved one. Our team promises to work tirelessly in investigating the case to ensure that there is a link between negligence of the person or party to the accident.

The purpose of the wrongful death suit is to ensure that the surviving family members such as the spouse, children, or parents are able to receive compensation for the funeral expenses, lost wages due to losing a main financial contributor, and pain and suffering. You can’t put a price on losing a loved one, but you can use monetary value to help you financially while you are suffering emotionally. Call 215-987-3730 or click here and let our attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group help you through this stressful time.