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Parents of Slain Temple Student Sue Pub Webb, Alleging Bar Violated the Dram Shop Rule

Nov 17, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupDram Shop and Liquor Liability

In 2017, Jenna Burleigh, a student at Temple University, met former student Joshua Hupperterz at the bar Pub Webb. The two had drinks, both became intoxicated. Later that night, at Joshua’s nearby apartment, he strangled and killed Jenna. After Joshua was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2019, Jenna’s parents sued Pub Webb […]


What Are the Different Types of Product Liability Cases in Pennsylvania?

Oct 14, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupProduct Liability

It may surprise some folk that there are numerous different types of product liability cases. The difference in categorization comes as a result of the stage of product creation in which its faults were produced. There are numerous steps in the process of goods production that can alter its impact on the public once it […]


Head Injuries In Young Female Athletes Tripled In Last Two Decades

Sep 16, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupSports Injury

Over the last 19 years, research indicates that head injuries among young female athletes have surged since the turn of the century. In the United States, emergency rooms and neurologists have treated three times the number of female athletes between the ages of 14 to 18 years old with sports-related concussions and closed-head compared to […]


Girl Falls From Zipline At Camelback Mountain

Aug 19, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupZipline Ride Accident

In May, an eight-year-old girl fell almost 30 feet from a zipline at Camelback Mountain Adventures in the Poconos. She received severe injuries that caused her to be airlifted to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest. This is the second dangerous incident at Camelback this year. In March, a man and two children fell 15 feet from […]


There Are More Than 10 Ways You Could Get Injured On A Cruise Ship

Jul 27, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupPersonal Injury

During summertime, everyone is trying to escape the heat, whether that is running to the beach or staying indoors with the AC on full blast. When heat strikes many people want to flee to a cruise ship on the open water, where the wind is cool, and an ocean breeze smell is in the air. […]


Drunk Driver Crashes Into Four High School Students in Philadelphia – Could The Store That Sold The Alcohol Be At Fault?

Jun 22, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupDram Shop and Liquor Liability

Drunk driving is the number one leading cause of death on the road. At Dan Doyle Law Group we are dedicated to proving that the owner of the alcohol-selling establishment is also responsible. Our Philadelphia dram shop and liquor liability attorneys want to discuss a recent drunk driving accident that injured four young girls after […]


Tort Reform Limits Liability In Malpractice Cases

May 17, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupMedical Malpractice

Since the 1980s, the United States healthcare and insurance industries have continued to shape the landscape of medical malpractice lawsuits through a system known as “tort reform.” In 2002, after passing the MCARE Act, Pennsylvania entered the ring of malpractice tort reform with a series of court rulings that framed a new set of rules […]


Deana’s Law – Cracking Down On Repeat DUI Offenders In Pennsylvania

Apr 14, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupPersonal Injury

Over the last several years Pennsylvania has been increasing the penalties associated with drinking and driving – especially for those who have had previous DUIs. Alcohol is involved in over 30% of the traffic fatalities in the state and of those arrested for DUI (49,730 in 2018), about one-third are repeat offenders. In 2018, Senate […]


Are Corruption and Greed Endangering You on the Road? Why Side Guard and Rear-Guard Rails are Required Successfully in Europe, but Not in the United States?

Mar 15, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupTruck Accident

On June 29, 1967, actress Jayne Mansfield was decapitated when her car struck the rear of a trailer truck and slid under the carriage. Two others, Ronald B. Harrison and Samuel S. Brody, were killed on impact. Her three children, Mickey, Zolton, and Marie (Mariska), were sleeping in the rear seat. They were injured but […]


New Studies Show Tranexamic Acid is Linked to A Higher Fatality Rate in Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

Feb 17, 2021Dan Doyle Law GroupBrain Injury

When a person suffers from a traumatic brain injury, paramedics, nurses, and doctors work together to save lives and prevent as much brain damage as possible. Bruising, torn tissues, and especially bleeding can be fatal. The extensive damage in survivors can cause long-term complications and disability. One of the tools doctors use to prevent a […]