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Delayed health woes could signal serious car crash injuries

You may have been involved in a minor car crash, such as a rear-end collision, from which you walked away, more annoyed than anything else.

You did not bother to seek medical treatment at the time because you felt fine, except for a sore neck. Now, four days later, you are having headaches along with some lower back pain. Is there a connection to that rear-end collision?

Create a strong brain injury case

Brain injuries can cause serious and sometimes life-long issues. In cases where the incident is due to another party's negligence, it may be possible to seek reparations to deal with the ramifications of the brain injury

For those who seek to file a claim, it is important to understand a few things about the process in order to create a successful brain injury case.

Dram shop liquor liability and drunk driving car accidents

As a Delaware County resident, you work hard to support your family and occasionally go out to local bars, restaurants and clubs to relax. You are not a heavy drinker, but sometimes you have one too many alcoholic beverages. Though you have not had any issues with driving home afterward, there is always the risk of you hitting and critically injuring yourself and someone else and causing extreme property damage. 

Though you might think you are responsible for the above scenario, a judge may determine that the place where you drank alcohol before your accident is financially liable. Here is what you should know about dram shop and liquor liability laws

Why is it important to file police reports in car accidents?

Many people in the Delaware and Chester counties may not realize the importance of filing accident reports with law enforcement after they have been involved in a car collision. They might believe they can protect their insurance premiums and driving records by convincing the other involved parties to handle things on their own. It may seem more beneficial to keep law enforcement out of the equation so they can move on with their lives. 

However, not having a police report can make it challenging for car accident victims to prove liability and receive compensation for their injuries. Here is a brief overview of police reports and car accidents

Some owners of defective cellphones have suffered serious burns

If you are a cellphone owner, you may recall that Samsung, the noted electronics company, recalled its Galaxy Note 7 following incidents in 2016 where the phones spontaneously caught fire. This is an example of a popular product from a respected company that was defective to the point of leaving people with serious injuries, followed by plenty of lawsuits.

Following 35 reports that the Galaxy Note 7 was overheating, Samsung recalled every phone that had been sold: approximately one million. They moved quickly to correct the problem and came out with replacement phones. Unfortunately, five of those smartphones caught fire as well. Samsung told owners to shut down their phones and recalled every unit.

Signs of brain injury after an auto accident

Some forms of brain injury after an auto accident may be more common than people like to believe. Such an injury may have lasting effects on individuals, and subsequently their families.

If a loved one was recently in an accident, it is important for you and others to keep a watchful eye and to address any issues. There are a few key signs that may indicate a brain injury after an auto accident.

How losing a limb in a car accident can change your life

Subconsciously, you may believe that you are immune from a car accident because you have never been involved in one. They happen all the time, though. In fact, any time you leave the house, your vehicle may end up getting hit by a reckless, drunk or negligent driver, or becoming involved in a multiple vehicle collision

If an accident results in the loss of a limb, it may be particularly difficult to recover from. 

Injuries for walkers using cell phones are on the rise

We have all seen people using cell phones as they walk. Whether they are moving along outside or making their way through a shopping mall, they clearly do not want to part from their devices.

A 2013 university study compiled data on the number of pedestrians treated in emergency rooms for injuries they suffered while using their cell phones. However, researchers suspect the number is on the low side.

2 catastrophic injuries you may sustain in a truck accident

Many motorists in Delaware and Chester counties take for granted their health, lives and vehicles until they end up in truck accidents. Commercial vehicles are significantly larger than passenger cars, and the potential for serious injuries, loss of life and extensive property damage is high. Although you may have never been involved in one before, they are serious events you should not make light of. 

There are many factors that lead to truck accidents. Some of them include driver inexperience, mechanical issues, trucker fatigue and driver behavior. To better understand the dangers you face when on the roads with truckers, review the following information about two types of truck accident injuries

Steps to take after a drunk driver auto accident

Drunk driving is a serious issue that can lead to tragic loss or injury. If you or someone you love suffered injuries from a drunk driving incident in which you were not at fault, you may be eligible to receive compensation through a personal injury claim.

In auto accident cases, it is important to follow proper protocol. Following the incident, there are certain steps you should take.