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March 2017 Archives

Understanding the dangers of texting and driving

Distracted driving has become a hot topic around the country in recent years as a growing proportion of the total fatal accidents happening each year prove to be the result of the habits that lead to driver distraction. To fight this, states have begun enacting a variety of laws that punish drivers for texting while they are on the road. For many, though, these legal penalties are not enough to curb the behavior. That is why it is important for every driver to understand just how big the risks can be.

Teens and distracted driving

Many people in Pennsylvania are aware of how dangerous distracted driving is. However, they may not be aware that teens are among the riskiest group of drivers on the roads. Often, they have yet to gain the amount of experience they need to handle the various types of driving situations they may encounter. Some teens also lack the ability to avoid distractions while they are driving. Parents of teens should learn about the dangers their young drivers face when they are distracted on the roads because many distracted teen car accidents are preventable.