Physical and Emotional Trauma of Car Accidents
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Month: September 2018

Physical and Emotional Trauma of Car Accidents

Sep 29, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Almost everyone drives a car or in a car. Even in the most congested of cities, people use Lyft or Uber to get around as opposed to public transportation. We get it. There privacy in your vehicle. There are moments of peace in our vehicles. Some are so fanatic about their cars that they go […]


Why Property Inspection Reports Matter So Much In A Pennsylvania Premises Liability Case

Sep 28, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Regardless of whether you are a property owner facing a premises liability lawsuit from someone who has been injured on your property or the injured party who is filing a lawsuit against the owner of the property on which you sustained injuries, inspection reports are equally vital to your legal case. If you have been […]


DUI Accidents In Pennsylvania Surge By 15 Percent, But Why?

Sep 22, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

A recent report released by Pennsylvania’s State Police shows that drunk driving accidents involving an intoxicated driver increased by nearly 15 percent last year. But what is behind the sudden spike in DUI accidents in Philadelphia and all across Pennsylvania? It is safe to assume that the risk of encountering a drunk driver on the […]


Dram Shop and Liquor Laws are on Your Side

Sep 15, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Just like you, I had to look up the definition of “dram shop”. It is another name for a tavern, bar, or some kind of establishment where alcoholic drinks are sold. It sounds way cooler than just a “bar” and it’s also the name of a law that is on your side. If you or […]


Distracted Driving Can Lead to Wrongful Deaths

Sep 14, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

This is the call you never want to get. It’s the piercing ring that you just know nothing good is going to happen if you answer. It’s a call from an unknown local number, but you know that you have to answer it. You know it isn’t a scam. It’s the call in the middle […]


Gas Explosions and Fires in Merrimack Valley Kill One and Cause Mass Evacuations

Sep 13, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Gas explosions by the dozen ripped through homes in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover on Thursday night, setting some houses ablaze and leveling others. The disaster killed one young man and injured nearly two dozen other people, leaving many in need of a lawyer like Dan Doyle, a catastrophic injuries attorney in Philadelphia. The Incident […]


3 Safety Tips for Cyclists in Philadelphia

Sep 7, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Riding a bicycle is an excellent way to get in some exercise and see the sights of the city. Whether you ride as part of your daily commute or just enjoy riding for leisure, it is important to stay safe while on the roadways. Unfortunately, despite any precautions taken, accidents can and do occur—according to […]


5 Common Injuries After a Rear-End Accident

Sep 1, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you know how common it is for someone to be injured. Even relatively minor rear-end collision can cause serious, long-term injuries. In some cases, it may be necessary to talk with a Philadelphia personal injury attorney to sort out any damages that occurred during a […]