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How losing a limb in a car accident can change your life

On behalf of Dan Doyle Law Group posted in Car Accident on Monday, November 27, 2017.

Subconsciously, you may believe that you are immune from a car accident because you have never been involved in one. They happen all the time, though. In fact, any time you leave the house, your vehicle may end up getting hit by a reckless, drunk or negligent driver, or becoming involved in a multiple vehicle collision.

If an accident results in the loss of a limb, it may be particularly difficult to recover from.

Extensive and prolonged medical care

A limb could be severed in a car accident, or it could have such serious damage that it requires emergency surgery to remove. However, just because you do not immediately lose function in a limb does not guarantee that it will recover from the injury. Some mobility and nerve damage issues may not become evident until several hours, days or weeks after the crash.

It is important for you to stay current on your medical appointments and to follow all treatment recommendations. You should also inform your doctors and therapists about any concerns, complications and issues you may be experiencing.

Adjustments to living without a limb

Treatment after amputation does not end when the wound heals. To adjust to the loss of the use of an arm or foot, you will need to undergo therapy and other treatments to relearn basic functions such as walking, feeding and grooming yourself. If you are still recovering from other injuries, you may also have to rely on others for assistance with your physical needs.

Disability that impacts livelihood

No matter how knowledgeable you are in your field, losing a limb may make it impossible for you to do your job. While you may be eligible for disability benefits from the government, the loss of your career could be devastating, not only to your earning capacity, but to your enjoyment of life.

Because of the many challenges created by this type of permanent injury, you may want to seek legal assistance in pursuing the compensation the law says you should have for your current and future needs.

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