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Teens And Distracted Driving

Mar 2, 2017Dan Doyle Law GroupCar Accident

Many people in Pennsylvania are aware of how dangerous distracted driving is. However, they may not be aware that teens are among the riskiest group of drivers on the roads. Often, they have yet to gain the amount of experience they need to handle the various types of driving situations they may encounter. Some teens also lack the ability to avoid distractions while they are driving. Parents of teens should learn about the dangers their young drivers face when they are distracted on the roads because many distracted teen car accidents are preventable.

Teens and distractions

Distractions are a leading cause of accidents for every type of motorists. Many drivers, especially teens, would rather put their lives at risk just to communicate with people who may or may not be inside of their vehicles with them. Young motorists are more likely to engage in risky behavior that takes their eyes off the roads for seconds at a time just to do something else. They are often overconfident in their ability to respond to potential threats, and make crucial driving mistakes that can result in collisions with other vehicles.

Cellphone use

Cellphones are the most common type of distraction for teens. Not many people can resist the temptation by putting their cellphones away in their glove compartments or out of their line of sight so they can remain focused on the roads. In fact, most teen drivers keep their cellphones in close proximity, so they can grab them the moment they receive alerts.


Teenagers are a source of distraction to each other. While teens are often restricted from driving with passengers until after they receive their licenses, this stipulation does not deter teens from riding with teen drivers. Many of them engage in horseplay and conversations that distract young drivers both physically and mentally. The risks of distractions increase substantially with each additional passenger.

Teens who are distracted right before their accidents are not able to assess their situations as fast and accurately as they need to. They miss crucial clues that indicate when it is time for them to stop or steer their vehicles to avoid impact. Their reaction times are significantly slower than they should be for them to make good driving decisions.

Car accidents are a leading cause of death for teens. Parents should continue to monitor and guide their newly licensed teens to improve their driving skills and knowledge. Car accidents involving teens and distractions are not always easy to handle alone. Anyone who is dealing with the aftermath of an accident that involves a distracted driver should talk to an attorney about the situation to learn more about the options available.