Off-Duty Police Officer Charged With DUI after Crash
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Category: Drunk Driving Accident

Off-Duty Police Officer Charged With DUI after Crash

Mar 16, 2020Dan Doyle Law Group

The last thing anybody should have to worry about when they get behind the wheel is that a careless or negligent driver will cause them harm. However, we cannot control the actions of others around us on the roadway. Recently, an off-duty Philadelphia police officer was arrested in charge of DUI after a car accident. […]


Doorbell Camera Captures Drunk Driving Crash

Nov 20, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

Doorbell cameras have managed to capture some amazing footage. From would-be thieves to plane crashes, these devices have dominated the news. Recently, a Ring Doorbell camera captures a crash in West Chester that we want to discuss. At the Dan Doyle Law Group, our DUI accident attorneys are here to help if you or a […]


Local Woman Accused In Fatal DUI That Killed A Mother

Aug 15, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

When you head out on the roadways, you know there are risks. However, drunk drivers are the most dangerous people on the roadways, and it is hard to predict what can happen. At the Dan Doyle Law Group, our knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to help. If you need a Norristown DUI accident attorney, […]


Driver Faces DUI Charges After Hit-And-Run Crash

Jul 12, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

You should never have to worry about getting struck by an impaired driver when you are on the roadways around the city. However, if you need a Philadelphia DUI accident attorney, we are here to help. The knowledgeable and experienced team at the Dan Doyle Law Group is ready to step in and be your […]


Over 7 DUIs and Still Driving

May 25, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

Have you ever the expression “nothing good happens after midnight”? It’s an expression that is meant to prevent people from doing things that the probably shouldn’t. For example, a teen trying to sneak out of the house to see someone they are dating. Or, a person who is drinking on their own and then decides […]


Family Mourns After DUI

May 18, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

Everyone deserves to go out on the town for a night. There is something so relaxing about hanging out with your friends while sipping on a margarita or gin and tonic. What of it? It is just one drink. Yet, we all know the story. One drink turns into two which turns into so many […]


DUI’s End In Death

Apr 26, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

Driving is a privilege and not a right. Yet, many treat it as if they are entitled to drive without a license. Just because you are of driving age does not mean that you are entitled to drive. Just because you had a license before does not mean that you can still drive if your […]


DUI Isn’t Just Drunk Driving

Apr 5, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

When people hear that someone was charged with a DUI they assume it was just alcohol. Driving while drunk is a really dangerous thing to do and it is a top issue in Pennsylvania. In 2017 nearly 300 people died from a drunk driving or drunk drivers. According to the Pennsylvania DUI Association, 88% of […]


A Wrong Way Driver Charged With DUI And Drug Possession

Mar 30, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

In nearby Tinicum Township, a driver who was going the wrong way has been arrested after causing a major accident on I-95 recently. Pennsylvania State Police say that a man was driving a vehicle southbound in the northbound lanes when the crash happened. Anthony Colabove, the 41-year-old suspect, was charged with DUI and drug possession […]


Drunk Driving in 2019 Is STILL a thing

Feb 22, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

There are so many options for people to not drive after they have had a few drinks. Not only are there local taxi agencies that drive around with very easy phone numbers to remember, but you also have Uber or Lyft to choose from on your phone. Many of these online services provide a first-time […]