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If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle crash due to the negligent actions of another driver, contact a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney Daniel Doyle wants to help you.
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DUI Suspect In Philly Arrested After Crash

May 31, 2019Dan Doyle Law Group

If you own a motorcycle, then you already know you are facing more risks than drivers and passengers in regular vehicles. However, you do what you can to stay safe and never expect to need a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer. Unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of other drivers and sometimes their negligent or careless […]


Do you have ongoing health issues from a low-impact crash?

Aug 14, 2017Dan Doyle Law Group

Picture this: You’re driving home from work when suddenly you are rear-ended while stopped at a light. The impact does not seem significant, nor do your injuries, but you’ve actually experienced whiplash. Over time, this seemingly minor damage becomes a major medical issue for you. The problem is that even if it happens at a […]


Why crashes caused by drowsy drivers can be catastrophic

Jul 12, 2017Dan Doyle Law Group

Studies indicate that drowsy drivers are as dangerous as drunk drivers; in some ways, they are even more so. A feeling of sleepiness is not uncommon, and you may be among those who have occasionally felt drowsy while driving. On the other hand, you may have been the victim of a vehicle accident caused by […]


Understanding the dangers of texting and driving

Mar 14, 2017Dan Doyle Law Group

Distracted driving has become a hot topic around the country in recent years as a growing proportion of the total fatal accidents happening each year prove to be the result of the habits that lead to driver distraction. To fight this, states have begun enacting a variety of laws that punish drivers for texting while […]


Teens and distracted driving

Mar 2, 2017Dan Doyle Law Group

Many people in Pennsylvania are aware of how dangerous distracted driving is. However, they may not be aware that teens are among the riskiest group of drivers on the roads. Often, they have yet to gain the amount of experience they need to handle the various types of driving situations they may encounter. Some teens […]


How to Prepare for An Accident Before it Happens

Jan 24, 2017Dan Doyle Law Group

Know how to drive in an emergency situation The first thing you can do to protect yourself during an accident is to understand how to drive during certain common mechanical failures. The AARP gives readers a comprehensive set of tips that are specialized to different issues, but there are a common set of strategies you […]


Wet weather safety tips

Jan 17, 2017Dan Doyle Law Group

As a motorist faced with wet weather, including rain, snow, sleet and ice, your goal is to see and be seen. Safety information provided by the AAA Exchange includes the disturbing statistic that nearly 1.2 million annual car crashes are related to wet pavement issues. When you live and drive in the eastern part of […]


Steps to take to reduce driver distraction

Dec 22, 2016Dan Doyle Law Group

As national safety campaigns against drunk driving and other traffic risks have started to see real success over the past few years, another risk has come to the public’s attention: distracted driving. While distractions have always been a problem, the advent of touchscreen devices and other technological gadgets have increased the number of distracted driving […]


If texting and driving is so dangerous, why do we keep doing it?

Sep 1, 2016Dan Doyle Law Group

Have you ever had to slam on your breaks while driving because you were paying more attention to your phone than the vehicle in front of you? If you’re like many Americans, you likely answered yes, despite feeling guilty about it. In 2014 alone, more than 3,170 people were killed in vehicle crashes as a […]