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Category: Product Liability

The Romaine Lettuce Outbreak That Scared A Nation

Dec 14, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

By now you have heard all about the Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak. Even if you had not seen the stories on the news, you would have noticed that entire shelves were empty at the grocery stores last week after the FDA told people to stop eating anything with Romaine lettuce. So far, more than […]


The Dosage Was Incorrect

Oct 13, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

There is a difference between 2 tablets 3 times a day and 2 to 4 tablets 4 times a day. For the first and correct dosage, it calls for 6 pills daily. For the second, the dosage that was listed on the bottle, it calls for a range of 8 to 16 pills. This is […]


Injuries Caused By Smartphone Overuse: Can You Recover Damages Or Is It Your Own Fault?

Aug 24, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

It may seem as if overusing or abusing your smartphone is your own problem, that any injuries caused by our personal use of smartphones and sedentary lifestyle is our own fault. “But this is not entirely true,” says our product liability lawyer in Philadelphia at the Dan Doyle Law Group. In reality, many people in […]


How An Appeal Can Help You Go From ‘Getting Nothing’ To Winning The Case In Pennsylvania

Aug 17, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

Some product liability lawsuits can get ridiculously confusing. People who suffer injuries from defective products come from all walks of life, and many of them choose to conceal certain evidence from court or ask the judge to keep certain pieces of evidence out of trial. In Pennsylvania, plaintiffs have a right to suppress evidence when […]


Pennsylvania Lawyers Answer The Most Common Questions About Product Liability

Jul 13, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

When you purchase a product, you expect it to function properly and want to get what you paid for. But unfortunately, each year, many people in Pennsylvania get injured because the product they purchased was defective or inherently dangerous. It should not come as a surprise that many of these people do not realize that […]


Most Common Product Liability Defenses In Philadelphia

Jun 2, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

If you have been injured by a defective product and are considering to sue the manufacturer to recover damages, you need to know that the manufacturer will most likely fight back by using certain product liability defenses. Today, our Philadelphia defective product attorney from the Dan Doyle Law Group is going to review the most […]


Some Owners Of Defective Cellphones Have Suffered Serious Burns

Jan 5, 2018Dan Doyle Law Group

If you are a cellphone owner, you may recall that Samsung, the noted electronics company, recalled its Galaxy Note 7 following incidents in 2016 where the phones spontaneously caught fire. This is an example of a popular product from a respected company that was defective to the point of leaving people with serious injuries, followed […]


Agencies Join Forces To Keep Children Safe From Defective Toys

Nov 23, 2016Dan Doyle Law Group

In addition to being the start of the Christmas shopping season, Black Friday is often regarded as one of the biggest shopping days of the year, thanks in part to the deals many retailers advertise in the days leading up to Black Friday. But amidst the rush to get everything on your shopping list, it’s […]