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Keep danger out of a day of fun at the pool

With the onset of warm weather, swimming pools will be a favorite destination for families. All adults know how important it is to keep careful watch over children who are enjoying the water. Still, drownings occur, as well as extremely serious injuries, some of them due to circumstances you would not necessarily expect.

A drowsy driver is a dangerous driver

You are probably able to spot a driver who appears to be drunk: someone who is weaving, following the car ahead too closely, perhaps slowing down then suddenly speeding up. However, a drowsy motorist can drive just as erratically and be just as dangerous as someone driving under the influence of alcohol. In a National Sleep Foundation survey, 37 percent of respondents admitted to having fallen asleep while driving. Unfortunately, this is easy to do because fatigue is sneaky, it can creep up on you before you know it.

What you need to know about accidents in construction zones

Most of the time, highway work zones do a good job of warning drivers about the potential risks and pitfalls associated with roadside construction, at least so far as legal warnings and speed limits go. While it is easy to notice bright signs saying that fines and penalties are going up or warning you to protect workers, it can be harder to understand the full range of risks that come up when you drive in work zones.