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Beauty Salon Accident Attorney Philadelphia

Many women and even some men visit beauty salons weekly, and some even daily. There are hundreds of nail and beauty salons in Philadelphia and all across Pennsylvania, which offer such services as haircuts, hair dying, manicures and pedicures, makeup, massages, and a variety of other services.

And each and every of these beauty salons has a legal duty to maintain their property in a safe, clean, and sanitary condition to prevent injuries, illnesses, and infections.

Do beauty salons have any legal duties?

Our Philadelphia beauty salon accident attorney from Dan Doyle Law Group explains how this legal duty extends to hair, nail, and other beauty salons. “There are hundreds of strict health and safety regulations that exist for beauty salons in Pennsylvania,” says our lawyer. “For example, beauty salons have an obligation to ensure that all products used on their customers are safe and were not expired or recalled by the manufacturer.”

Also, beauty salons need to ensure that all chemicals and products are safe and free of contamination, while members of hair and nail salon staff have a duty to use products only as directed or instructed. This means that beauty salons need to make sure that they are hiring properly trained salon technicians to avoid causing injury or other harm to customers.

Common nail and hair salon injuries

Our experienced beauty salon accident attorney Philadelphia warns that you can be harmed or injured at a nail or hair salon in a wide range of accidents and incidents. Just how bad your beauty salon-related injury can be depends on the circumstances in your particular case, but the most common injuries in hair, nail, massage, and other beauty salons include:

  • Chemical burns
  • Wax burns
  • Laser burns
  • Scarring, which can be permanent
  • Disfigurement
  • Life-threatening infections (bacterial, staph, etc…)
  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Hair loss and scalp-related injuries
  • Head or brain injuries
  • Damages to nerves and muscles (e.g. during a cosmetic Botox injection on the face)
  • Allergic reactions and
  • Slip and fall injuries (back or neck injury, brain injury, fractured bones, etc…)

You may be able to sue the beauty salon for your injury or harm, but only as long as your Philadelphia nail and hair salon injury lawyer can prove that the salon or its workers were negligent, reckless, or careless when performing the procedure or treatment.

Common causes of beauty salon accidents

If a beauty salon technician accidentally cuts your finger while giving you a manicure, and you think that this small cut is harmless and not a big deal, you may want to think again. After all, you may have a legitimate personal injury claim against that beauty salon if you develop an infection because the beauty salon worker improperly cleaned or sanitized manicure tools.

  • Failure to properly sanitize and clean tools and equipment used to perform procedures at a nail, hair, massage, or any other salon in the beauty industry is not the only cause of beauty salon injuries in Pennsylvania.
  • Experimenting with “new” products that have not been tested before or there is little to no scientific proof that they are safe or efficient to use: You are not some guinea pig, which is why it is an act of negligence on the part of the beauty salon to experiment with untested beauty products on their clients when there’s no guarantee that these products are not going to cause adverse effects on the client’s skin, hair, or overall health.
  • Failure to select the appropriate procedure or perform a procedure as directed: Many procedures performed at beauty salons can potentially be dangerous when performed improperly or negligently (for example, think of a hair salon technician leaving hair dye on the client’s hair for such an unreasonable long period of time that it causes hair loss).
  • Using contaminated or expired products: A beauty salon worker must ensure that the product that he or she is about to use on his or her client is safe for use.
  • Failure to warn patrons of hazards on the property: The most obvious example can be the beauty salon’s failure to warn visitors of wet or slippery floor by putting the “Caution! Wet floor” sign.

If you have been injured at a beauty salon in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, you need a skilled premises liability attorney by your side to seek compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of income, loss of consortium and other damages and losses associated with the injury.

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