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Philadelphia Skiing And Snowboarding Accident Attorney

Pennsylvania is home to many skiing and snowboarding resorts. And while many of these resorts are family-friendly and completely safe, some owners and operators of skiing and snowboarding resorts can be negligent.

Who doesn’t love outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding? Right, only those who have never tried skiing or snowboarding before. Unfortunately, not all of these resorts are equally safe, and there is always a risk of getting injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident.

It’s not a big surprise that skiing and snowboarding can lead to an injury, because these are extreme sports. And while it is true that skiing and snowboarding carries some risk of injury, this risk can be multiplied when skiing or snowboarding in dangerous conditions at a resort, using faulty or defective ski or snowboard equipment, and colliding with negligent skiers or snowboarders who disobey safety rules.

“When you become a victim of someone else’s negligence at a skiing or snowboarding resort, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injury,” says our Philadelphia skiing and snowboarding accident attorney at Dan Doyle Law Group.

Causes of skiing and snowboarding accidents

These are some of the most common causes of injury at skiing and snowboarding resorts in Philadelphia and all across Pennsylvania:

  • Colliding with other skiers or snowboarders
  • Colliding with stationary objects such as trees, posts, fences, etc
  • The operator’s failure to maintain its premises in a safe condition
  • The operator’s failure to ensure that all pieces of equipment provided to the skier or snowboarder are safe for use
  • Negligent design or maintenance of the lift which can lead to ski lift accidents
  • Failure to warn skiers and snowboarders of known risks at the resort
  • Improper slope maintenance
  • Inadequate avalanche control
  • Failure to ensure a safe pathway for all skiers and snowboarders free of any unreasonable obstructions
  • Improper training of skiing and snowboarding instructors who fail to provide clear safety instructions and
  • Failure to eliminate unreasonably dangerous conditions at the resort

“If you can prove that your skiing or snowboarding injury was caused by the negligence on the part of the operator, property owner, other skier or snowboarder, manufacturer of the equipment, or any other party, you may be entitled to recover damages by pursuing a personal injury claim,” explains our experienced skiing and snowboarding accident attorney in Philadelphia.

What you need to know about suing for a skiing or snowboarding injury

“Wait, so does it mean that other skiers and snowboarders can be sued for accidents, too?” you may be wondering. Yes. Under Pennsylvania law, anyone participating in the sport of skiing or snowboarding is legally required to follow certain rules. Instructors at skiing and snowboarding resorts are required to outlines these rules to every skier and snowboarder before allowing him or her to participate in this recreational activity.

The owner or operator or a skiing or snowboarding resort may attempt to escape liability for your injury by claiming that the accident was caused by a defective ski or snowboard equipment. While it is true that manufacturers of ski and snowboard equipment can be held liable for manufacturing and design defects, the resort has a legal duty to inspect and maintain these pieces of equipment in a safe condition to prevent such accidents.

Yes, causes of skiing and snowboarding accidents vary from one case to another, but regardless of what was the cause of your injury, you may be entitled to seek compensation for getting injured at a skiing or snowboarding resort. Speak to our personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia at Dan Doyle Law Group to discuss your case and determine fault. Call at 215-987-3730 to schedule a free consultation today.